Call for Presentations & Posters

Proposals are due Friday, May 26. 

Selections will be announced the week of July 11.

If you could teach your clients or partners one thing to improve research outcome and action-ability, what would it be? How would you teach it to them?  Here is your chance, submit a proposal for a session or poster at The 2017 PMRG Institute.  

We will select educational content that focuses on techniques, technologies and strategies that deliver insights with impact into our clients' hands. At The PMRG Institute, we'll examine diverse topics driven by a faculty of key thought leaders from within our industry and beyond.

Submissions should follow the guidelines in this document and will not be accepted late.   These guidelines list important information needed to prepare comprehensive submissions and a list of topics in high demand from our members.


All presenters must be confirmed and named in the submission.


Be prepared to provide the following in the online form:
1. Link to video of presenter explaining the 5 key take aways for the session
2. A blinded description of the content/methodology/actionability (1,000 words recommended) without company / speaker names included, to include three key actionable take-aways that the attendee will be able to apply immediately back at the office
3. A brief abstract for conference materials (250 word maximum)
4. An explanation of how the information shared is cutting edge, innovative and provides actionable solutions.
5. LinkedIn addresses for all presenters - All presenters must be confirmed and named.


The Committee receives more proposals than there are opportunities to present, so selections are based on the quality of the submission.  To develop a highly-rated submission, your session's content should:

1. Directly tie the session’s objectives and key take aways to the conference theme
2. Be solutions-based and allow for audience participation
3. Provide an innovative, verifiable demonstration of how the information is/was used to formulate strategic insights
4. Address specific challenges and opportunities facing domestic and international pharmaceutical, biologic, medical device & diagnostic marketing researchers
5. Include a KOL, payor, patient advocate, client researcher or marketing/brand team co-presenter – to give their perspective how a creative research technique has advanced their business goals and objectives or how we can meet their future business needs


Session can be specific to medical device or diagnostic researchers. Sessions can also be interactive and designed to engage participants in lively discussions that allow them to collaborate with each another to solve problems or brainstorm collectively.  Special consideration on posters will be given to students / faculty in programs related to healthcare marketing/marketing research.

Note: Turn-around time to prepare your slides will be very tight. Failure to meet these deadlines could result in removal from the agenda.

Presenters are strictly prohibited from “selling from the podium.”  Speakers should present informatively and minimize the promotion of products and services.  

PMRG is unable to waive the conference registration fee or fund any associated travel expenses.  A discount of $400 off the conference registration fee will be offered to all presenters who attend the conference.  

PMRG accepts sponsors for a limited number of student travel stipends to support student/academia attendance and poster presentations involvement.  Priority is given to full-time students working towards a degree in healthcare marketing or marketing research. If you would like to sponsor a student, please contact


The PMRG Institute 2017 Timeline:

·      May 26, 2017 - All proposal submissions received 

·      Week of July 11, 2017 - Notification of Committee selections  

·      July 21, 2017 - Review/edits of abstracts and bios on

·      Sept 1, 2017 - Initial slides due for Committee review 

·      Sept 8, 2017 - Rehearsals complete 

·      Sept 15, 2017 Final slides due for legal review