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Today’s dynamic healthcare marketplace is increasingly complex:  Our clients – both internal and external – are demanding more, while at the same time research dollars are dwindling. The pace and progress of innovation is breathtaking, but how do we bring that innovation and its benefits to our clients?

Introducing The 2016 PMRG Institute – The Research RoundTable

In the competitive healthcare marketplace we find ourselves in today, our members are being asked to do it all – ATUs, patient audits, web-enabled qualitative interviews, and much more. What can researchers do when they are asked to employ a methodology with which they have limited familiarity?

The 2016 PMRG Institute will focus on innovative techniques and technologies and highlight the capabilities of our members to deliver these to our clients’ hands. We’ll discuss the increasing role of partnerships and technology, and bringing insight to all of our projects. We will examine these and many more topics driven by a faculty of key thought leaders from our industry and beyond, taking full advantage of the fact that innovation within an industry often comes from outside sources.

Our full agenda is available now and includes a variety of peer-reviewed, fully-vetted sessions and posters, our Tuesday night awards dinner, 19+ hours of networking.  This year we are also featuring Fundamentals of Marketing Research sessions for attendees new to the marketing research role and Client-led RoundTable Discussions.  

We have lined up these prestigious thought leaders as our keynote speakers:

Contagious: How to Make Insights Catch On?

Jonah Berger
, Marketing Professor, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania & author of the recent New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller Contagious: Why Things Catch On

From the Corner Office –
Evolution of Healthcare Technology

Nick van Terheyden, M.D., Chief Medical Officer,
Dell Healthcare & Life Sciences

Change IS Opportunity

Scott Chesney
, President & CEO of Scott Chesney, LLC

Taxonomy of Insights

Robert Moran
, Partner, Brunswick Group’s Insights Division

The 2016 PMRG Institute will give our members the opportunity to explore and experience best-in-class industry practices from a wide array of both the traditional and novel, innovative market research methods being employed within our industry.

Whether you are a manufacturer, market research firm, consultant, service provider or student, The 2016 PMRG Institute will put a portfolio
of market research methods at your fingertips.

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meeting of The PMRG Institute, 
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