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PMRG webinars offer a convenient training opportunity - anytime, anywhere

Webinars complimentary for current members.  These educational sessions are recorded for on-demand playback, one hour in length and eligible for PRC credit. 

June 8, 2016
12 - 1pm EDT
July 13, 2016
12 - 1pm EDT
Aug 17, 2016
12 - 1pm EDT
How to Co-Author a Bestseller

Presented by 
Stefania Traglia, Keurig Canada &
Juliann NG, GfK

Available on demand
The Myth of the Empowered Consumer

Presented by
Jennifer Colamonico, Nielsen Healthcare
& Kim Slocum, KDS Consulting, LLC & Health Care Consultant

Available on demand
Tears for tiers?
Changes to benefit design are turning the healthcare world upside down, but market research can provide new direction

Presented by Dustin Eggers, Decision Resources Group

Available on demand 
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  • Aug 17
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