Get Involved with PMRG Committees

One key to surviving in today’s changing environment is to get involved in something outside your own organization. PMRG has grown to include many sub-committees and task forces. Member volunteers find the right opportunity, requiring minimal time investment, while building essential skills in leadership, planning, networking and public speaking. 

If you are interested in volunteering, click here to submit your name to Stephanie Reynders, Executive Director of PMRG.

PMRG currently has these established committees:

Education - Committee provides educational content and programs relevant to PMRG membership and consistent with the organization’s vision and mission, to include programming for the Annual Meeting of The PMRG Institute, annual networking events and webinars. The Education Committee is expected to create a range of educational products, services and resources by partnering with fellow committees and establishing cooperative relationships with like-minded organizations.

Program - The Program Committee is tasked with delivering cutting edge information and networking opportunities by providing interactive and compelling content and programming for the Healthcare Marketing Researcher's CONNECT held in the Spring each year. 

Young Professionals (YP) - The Committee is to develop and grow Young Professionals and encourage engagement in PMRG membership, activities and provide input for organizational strategies and tactics.  Young Professionals will be defined as 35 years and under or less then seven years in the healthcare marketing research industry.

Marketing - The Committee creates enhanced communications to highlight PMRG's value proposition to the healthcare marketing re-search industry; ultimately increasing conference attendance and membership.

Symposium Committee - The Symposium Planning Committee delivers interactive and compelling content and networking opportunities for this event held in the Spring each year.

Thoughts from volunteers  

"Serving as a PMRG Volunteer placed me in a position where I had a leadership position amongst a group of the most talented managers in the industry. Amongst other things, this was a tremendous benefit in terms of being able to observe their various leadership styles and tactics in action. It also gave me a chance to experiment with my own skills, styles and tactics more quickly than would have been the case in my own day to day responsibilities. Serving as a PMRG Volunteer provided excellent visibility and networking opportunities. It provided a sense of accomplishment, and was also a lot of fun."
- Jeff Adler

“PMRG is like any organization, the more we put in, the more we get out. I am absolutely in a better place professionally because of my volunteer work for PMRG. I know more people and more things than I would simply by attending meetings.”   
- Tim O'Rourke

"My individual motivation for volunteering with PMRG was a way to be included in the growth and education in a professionally-run organization. The team members with whom I have been involved with (PMRG Staff and volunteers on the Programming Committee, Education Committee, Membership Committee and Executive Committee) are collectively some of the most dedicated volunteers I have yet to work with.  I have always found my involvement in volunteer positions as a wonderful way to increase knowledge through hands-on experience, team development and networking opportunities. This is certainly not an organization to sit back and watch others do the work… you sign up… you’ll be used and have some fun along the way too!" 
- Scott Baker

"I have found that volunteering for PMRG has allowed a wonderful opportunity to spend valuable time working closely with colleagues, clients, and people I can now consider friends. There are so many learning opportunities with PMRG and I am excited to share the information about the organization with others. You develop a real close bond with people when you work together on a project, and that is an invaluable experience."  
- Amber Esco